2CC are helping Percy the Park Keeper

                   2CC are helping Percy the Park Keeper (and moving on)!


Year 2 have had a super start their final half term in Year 2. We have been working very hard with our writing to get ready for Year 3. First of all, we read After The Storm by Nick Butterworth. Then we became roving weather reporters and wrote our own descriptions of extreme weather.

After that, we designed new homes for the animals in the story, as we were all very worried about them. We have even built our own tree house in the classroom, as we didn’t want the animals to be homeless.


In maths, we have been solving some very tricky division and multiplication sums. 2CC love a challenge and keep asking for more!


We have also spent some time in the Juniors, thinking about our new adventure to Year 3. We have been looking at the classrooms and spending time in the huge Junior playground. We are all very excited!


We have had a lovely year but now the children are just too grown up for the Infants and are ready to be fully fledged Juniors!