2MS share their learning

2MS share their learning



 Last Thursday it was 2MS who had the opportunity to share with their parents and the rest of the Infants their learning.


They performed an amazing assembly all about the learning they have recently been doing about Fireworks.   The assembly started with a brief explanation as to why we even have ‘Bonfire night’.  The children were very proud to show their brilliant Guy Fawkes portraits.


Next was a poetry recital of three firework poems.  Mrs Semple was astounded at how quickly the children learnt the poems as they only had been learning them for one week! Three children then read their own fantastic firework poems written during English sessions.


Next 2MS told their audience all about their learning on adjectives and similes and displayed their creative side by showing some firework pictures.


Finally like all good performances they finished off with a song!


Mrs Semple and all the other adults in the class were very proud of the children, they all worked incredibly hard in the lead up to the assembly and they performed it beautifully.