3CC's Class Assembly

3CC’s Class Assembly


Mrs Cook, Mrs Belbin and Miss Blake were incredibly proud of 3CC last week. We did our first ever class assembly in the Juniors!


First of all, we introduced Mary Anning to the rest of the Juniors. We explained that she was a famous fossil hunter who lived in Lyme Regis. It’s incredible to think that someone so important lived just down the road!


We then compared what life was like for Mary Anning in the Victorian times to what life is like now. We all found it funny to think that men wore woolly swimming costumes. It must have been very itchy!


After that, some children read their descriptions about dinosaurs that we have been working hard to write during Literacy.


Finally we showed some artwork. We are very proud of our fossil paintings.


Thank you to all the parents for coming – it was lovely to see so many friendly faces! Lots of people said how confident the children were and how clearly they spoke. Well done 3CC – you are truly amazing!