All Systems Go!



Year 6 have had the most tremendous start back to school and are showing themselves to be committed, hard workers, strong team players and superb listeners.  Both classes have already earned 2 Golden Time sessions and we haven't even been back at school for 2 weeks yet!  Well done Year 6 - keep up the good work.




Many of the children in Year 6 will be starting their 'Roles and Responsibilities' Jobs this week and they are all keen and ready to go and very much looking forward to their rewards at the end of the term.




In 6JH, we have been enjoying the story of Matilda in our Dahl Fortnight topic.  We have been doing all sorts of interesting things in our lessons such as researching Geniuses in history, creating spreadsheets with formulae and making chocolate cakes. 




Last week, we used our Science lessons to test the Hypothesis that: Superglue is the strongest glue you can get.  We learnt about different variables in an investigation and worked in groups to test the strength of four different types of glue: Flour/Water, Wallpaper Paste, PVA and Pritt Stick.




We worked well in our teams and had great fun putting our baskets to the test to see which one held the most weights.  We are looking forward to the rest of the term and to carrying out even more investigations in Science.