Amazing Aliens

Amazing Aliens


In Year Two we have been learning about Space aliens and Space travel. 



In History we have been finding out about the Space Race that was against America and Russia.  We found out that animals went to space before humans.  We also found out that Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon. 


In English we have been writing about Aliens in Underpants.  We have drawn a story map to help us remember the story and to help us write our own.  We have been learning lots about using capital letters, full stops, adjectives, conjunctions and different openers in our writing.


In Maths we have helped Bob the alien learn how to solve subtraction word problems.  We are going to email Bob some helpful advice on how to use blank number lines to subtract.


We have really enjoyed our Amazing Alien topic so far and we are looking forward to finding out more information about space.


By Haydn and Tahiya