Amazing Artists

Amazing Artists

 This year, our Art Ambassadors have been working with Mr Hockton once a week to develop their art skills and explore a wide variety of techniques working with a range of art media. 




They started by exploring their favourite artists and produced some amazing work in the style of artists such as: Andy Warhol, Piet Mondrian and Claude Monet. The finished products looked fantastic and took a prominent position on the Art Ambassadors display board in the hall. 




Then, they went on to look at use of shade and tone and created some really effective pieces of work using just one pencil.  From looking at these pieces, it was clear to see that we really have got a group of talented artists. 




The next activity was to produce a sculpture and the children set about creating a clay model depicting a human face.  This required detail and precision and most definitely … a steady hand.




Finally, their latest piece was inspired by the topic that Year 6 are currently learning about – Volcanoes and Earthquakes.  The Art Ambassadors researched various artists who have created pieces of art to show this subject and then made some of their own in these styles.  The Art Ambassadors will use this work to ‘teach’ the rest of Year 6 how to use these skills and techniques in their own work.



We are looking forward to the Art Ambassadors supporting other year groups with their art lessons in the final half term.


Here they are, looking justifiably proud of their creations.