Amazing Mathematicians

Amazing Mathematicians


On Thursday 22nd February 3 of our Year Two and Year Three children were lucky enough to attend a Gifted and Talented maths event at Mudeford Junior School.


When they arrived they were given a brief overview of the morning and then the maths began.

It started with a timed mental arithmetic challenge, which involved running around the hall holding a hoop, answering number questions.  Next was a cube challenge.  The children found this very easy and they completed this challenge with lots of time to spare. They then moved on to another number challenge where they had to find different combinations to make 9 using given numbers.  It began to get a little more tricky on the next challenge, where they had to use Tantrix shapes to make different circles.  The adults found this one hard too!

After a short break for biscuits, fruit and drinks the maths fun started again.  The children completed four more activities, which included, a dice challenge, two different triangle challenges and a shape challenge. The children had to think very carefully and they perservered and completed all challenges correctly.


Even though we were not the overall winners, the children had a fantastic morning.  Mrs Semple and Mrs Miles were very proud of the children’s’ perseverance and also how well they represented our school.