Becoming Year 7



On Thursday 26th May, Year 6 had their very first transition lesson over at The Grange Secondary School.  



We were split into three groups and each group was taken into one of the Science Labs to be taught by one of the Y7 teachers from The Grange.  As soon as we stepped into the lab we could tell it was going to be a fun and exciting session as we could see conical flasks with clear liquids in, test tubes with powder in and bunsen burners.  






The teachers explained that the session would be all about fire and we very quickly set about following the instructions to extinguish fire using different gases.  We made our own mixture of Hydrochloric Acid and Sodium Carbonate to make a fire extinguisher and then we watched an amazing demonstration with magnesium.  






What a great start to our transition progamme. We are now looking forward to English, Maths and PE lessons with the Y7 teachers.