Creating Champions


Pride and achievement was out in full force for the remainder of our day on Thursday.  Despite the lovely, gloriously sunny morning (in which some of us even caught the sun a little bit), the elements were no longer kind to us from 1pm and it would be fair to say that Summer very quickly turned into Winter!  It rained, it blew a gale, it turned very very cold but still the children battled on.  Our activities ranged from Quad biking to Jacob's Ladder to Sensory Trail to Climbing and we were not going to be beaten by the wind and the rain.  Little did we know that some of the girls would be the speediest on the Quad Bikes, that some of the smallest children would be the first to reach the top of the 15ft high Jacob's Ladder or that many of us could trust our team mates when having to follow a trail without the possibility of sight.  Yet again, the support and encouragement was endless and it was just lovely to see the children helping each other along, up, down and round (in circles!!).






Our evening meal was just as delightful as all the other meals and the children did not waste any time in eating it as they knew that they needed to get ready to go to . . . . the DISCO!!!!


What can we say about the Disco????  Glitz and glamour was the order of the day and the choice of music was greeted with enthusaism and enjoyment.  Our Group Leader, Shannon, led us all through some awesome dance routines on the stage and said that we were the best group she has ever had (including the teachers!!). Mr Wallace's dance moves will live forever in the memories of the children.  In fact, you could say that they will never be able to 'unsee' his legendary Macarena Moves!!


Bedtime was just as successful as the night before, although judging by some of the incredibly tired faces this morning, some of the 'whispered' talking must have continued into the early hours!  Not mentioning any rooms . . . . 431.








We have laughed, giggled, sung songs, danced, chanted and generally had loads of fun.  We are now off to our two activities for today and are ready to challenge ourselves for one last time before seeing everybody when we get back to school.