Determination to get to a 10!

Determination to get a 10!


Children in my learning group are very aware I have  nic named myself, Little Miss fussy!


From the start I have always encouraged (some might say nagged) the children to take extra pride in the presentaion of their work, making sure things are lined up correctly, equally spaced and above all,

a ruler is used.

This has paid off, as the presentation of work rarely drops below an 8/10, with more and more 10/10 being awarded.  On many occasions the children have taken their work to show other members of staff, even before I have marked it. This shows the confidence they have gained and their self belief.  



The children are eager to check their books the next day, to see if they have managed to reach that magic 10. To see the sheer delight on their faces is priceless and just one of many reasons I do this job. 


I feel very lucky and privildged to be apart of such an amazing journey.  Thank you children, you truly are super students!


Very Proud