Dreams and Goals

Dreams and Goals


The children of 5DW have been looking at their ambitions for the future.




Our current PSHE lessons have been about looking at different job salaries and debating on whether jobs that contribute more to society (like a nurse for example) should be paid more.


We then discussed our dreams and goals for the future and created a mind map of our dream jobs and what we would like to earn and contribute to society. After that, we reflected on whether we are driven by money more than what we contribute. This was a tough question to grasp, but the children argued that extremely high paid jobs like footballers do actually contribute to society in the form of charity fund raising and being ambassadors for good causes.


This debate has gripped our Year 5 children and created some insightful responses. One child (who wishes to remain anonymous) said, "I would like to be a doctor because I want to be really helpful and nice to people, I would like to earn lots of money also so it does both."