Enjoy, Achieve, Aspire

As a new member of Team Somerford I am impressed by how well 5DC have settled into our new academic year and how their positive learning attitude has really started to embed our ‘Enjoy, Achieve, Aspire” learning culture within the school.


In maths we have been learning through a rap, how to round numbers to the nearest 1,000,000. The children really ‘enjoy’ singing this at the beginning of their lessons and as I float from table to table helping them to ‘achieve’ I can hear them whispering the rap to support their learning.



In English we are learning how to make our writing more sophisticated by using a range of sentence openers and connectives. To help us with this learning we have also been singing the AAAWWUBBIS song. The children particularly like this song, let’s just say the people singing are not the best vocalists!



We have unpicked ‘enjoy’ and thrown it around the classroom so much already this year that we are well on our way to Achieve and Aspire to our full potential by summer 2018!