Fairtrade Fortnight



Fairtrade was the focus of learning from 1st February to 12th February.



The fortnight was launched by a visit from Pauline from Fairtrade Christchurch in our Key Stage two assembly, where she demonstrated how you can buy a variety of Fairtrade foods locally, and how buying Fairtrade food helps farmers and workers across the world.


Key Stage one launched their fortnight with a visit from Tesco’s Farm to Food.  Valerie gave the children the opportunity to look at, touch, smell and even taste fruits and vegetables that can be bought locally.


The outcome of the fortnight for all the year groups from Reception up to Year 6 was a display in the Key Stage two hall celebrating all the hard work by the children.


  • Reception and Year one – designed and made their own favourite fruit.


  • Year two – designed a plate of their favourite healthy foods which could be bought locally


  • Year three – Wrote a newspaper article about a child in China who has to work to earn money for their family. The children discussed whether buying Fairtrade Food would help children in this situation.


  • Year four – Wrote a persuasive letter to parents to try and get them to buy Fairtrade foods.  How easy is it to buy Fairtrade?  Can everybody afford it?


  • Year five – Used an atlas to locate various countries in the world.  They also labelled the map with the Fairtrade products that are produced in these countries.


  • Year Six – After learning about producing a Fairtrade product, the children wrote a letter to a famous chocolate producer to persuade them to use Fairtrade cocoa in their products.