Fantastic Fossils Visit to Year 3 (September 2015)


On Wednesday 9th September, staff from the Red House Museum visited Year 3 to teach the children all about how fossils are made.



The day began with a phone call from Mrs Frampton to tell us that she had reports of a loud noise coming from the garden area late last night.  The children explored the garden and could not believe their eyes when they found a giant footprint hidden in the grass.  Some of the dinosaur enthusiasts in Year 3 tried to identify the footprint and lots of discussions took place.  In groups, the children discussed what they would like to find out during our ROAR topic.


 Next the Year 3 children split into two groups.  The first group worked with Rebecca and Laura to learn about the fossil process and made their own fossil.  Here are some of the clay fossil beds we made. 



Whilst Laura completed the process, the rest of the group studied fossils and matched them to the correct animal.  Some of the fossils were really tricky!  Before long it was time for the big reveal.  We took our clay out of the foil tray and then peeled the clay off to reveal our fossils.


In the other room the children were learning how to be a Paleontologist.  Each child had a cookie (the earth) and a toothpick and they had to excavate the chocolate chips (the fossils) using only the toothpick.  It was a very tricky challenge but the children did not give up.  Sometimes the dough stuck to the chip and they had to try and get it off.  The children asked if they could have a brush like a true paleontologist!


 Later on the children worked in small groups to create posters to show the process of how a fossil is made.


We all had a fantastic day and can't wait to show the Infant children what we have made in our museum at the end of our topic.