Good Morning from Year 4 at Leeson!

Update from Year 4, Leeson House ...


Good morning!


 We had a great evening yesterday.  We went outside after dinner and went night orienteering with torches, which was great fun.  We also looked at a range of animals and learned about how they adapt to their environment.


Before bedtime, Mr Wallace read us a bedtime story.  We listened really well with our steaming cups of hot chocolate.  By the time we got to our bedrooms, we were really tired, but most of us slept really well.



By the time we had to get up for breakfast, all of us had showered, dressed, cleaned our bedrooms and packed out bags.  You would have been amazed!


We have just eaten breakfast and are now ready for another fun-filled day.  We will let you know how it went later on!


Love from Year 4