Goslings meet the Gruffalo

Goslings meet the Gruffalo!


In Goslings this term we have turned our role play area in to the Gruffalo woods!


The children have been learning the different parts of the story and have been acting them out whilst taking it in turns to be the Gruffalo, the little brown mouse, the fox, the snake or the owl. We have had some fantastic Gruffalos!




We also have a rather playful Owl puppet called Ollie who has been hiding from the children in all sorts of different places. We have had great fun trying to find him and describe where he has been hiding!


The children have been colour mixing using paint to make the colour brown, using red and green.



We then went on to see if we could change the shade of green paint by using white and black.  The children noticed the green paint getting lighter when we added white paint and getting darker when we added black paint.  


We used the colours to paint all sorts of leaves to add to our Gruffalo Woods for the

animals to play amongst - I am sure they will have a good time!