Growing our Minds




It has been lovely to see the all children return to school refreshed and ready for their learning this year.  They are very much demonstrating our school learning culture of "Enjoy, Achieve, Aspire". This year, we are encouraging the children to think about their "Growth Mindset" which means turning statements like: "I can't do it" into "I can't do it ... yet!". 5JH have been thinking about this a lot and we even made some of our own posters to show how a negative statement can become a positive one to help us achieve our goals and learn independently. In our class, you will no longer hear the words: "I give up, it's too difficult!"  Instead, we are offering each other advice by reminding them that it is good to FAIL (First Attempt In Learning) and that we can only learn from our mistakes.  We are learning to try and solve problems before instantly quitting and that with help from our friends, the adults and the classroom resources, we can sometimes figure it out for ourselves.  We have talked a lot about the Learning Pit, which is where we all go when we learn something new. We are filled with feelings of fear and anxiety, especially if we don't understand, but with help, encouragement and support, we can come out of the pit and have our "Eureka" moment.  5JH are looking forward to sharing more about this with their parents for our Class Assembly on 28th September.