It's a Mystery

It’s a mystery


In our Y6 English Groups, we have been looking at the mystery behind the Lighthouse of Eilean Mor in the Flannan Islands in Scotland. 




To begin with, we read the poem Flannan Isle by Wilfred William Gibson.  This poem was written in 1912 and it contained a lot of old fashioned and obsolete words. Therefore, before we could even start reading the poem we had to learn the meanings of some of these words.  It was fun trying to use our reading skills to deduce the meanings and having a guess at what they meant!




Then we read the poem.  Mrs Hudson’s English Group were totally spellbound by the mystery of the poem and couldn’t wait to start using their drama and role play skills to ‘step into the shoes’ of the characters.  The poem described the sudden, mysterious disappearance of the 3 Lighthouse Keepers from Eilean Mor.  We just couldn’t work out what had happened to them.  Three new Keepers went to investigate but could not find any evidence to suggest what had happened. 



We read primary sources of evidence such as log books, telegrams, letters and news reports from the time but still, no answer was given.


So we had to come up with our own theories!  We had all sorts of ideas ranging from the men going mad to the ‘little people’ of the Island kidnapping the men.  To this day, no one knows what happened and it certainly has got us all wanting to continue with our ‘Mysteries’ theme.