Mad Hatter Madness !

Mad Hatter Madness


As the start of our new topic Year Two had a very exciting WOW day. 



It all started with an exciting game of ‘Who am I?’ in the Infant hall. The children had to ask yes or no type questions to try to find out what character their partner had chosen for them to be.  It was very funny!

Miss Miles interrupted their game to deliver a huge envelope addressed to Year Two. The children were very excited to find out who it was from.  Inside the envelope was an invitation from the Mad Hatter to his Tea party.



When the children left the hall they were surprised to see strange footprints leading them to their classrooms, we think they were the White Rabbits.


In the classroom they were delighted to find the tables covered in lots of different hats. The Mad Hatter wanted them to practise playing ‘Musical Hatues’ for his party.


After lunch the children had great fun working together to paint large teapots, tea cups, hats and cupcakes and designing their own mad hats.


The children had a great day and they are looking forward to helping the Mad Hatter plan his Tea Party over the rest of the half term.