Minibeast Madness

Mad about minibeasts!


RCC have had a wonderful time learning all about our new topic “Minibeast Madness.”


First of all, we went on a very exciting minibeast hunt to see which bugs lived near our classroom. We had great fun finding woodlice, ants, spider and worms. We then thought about where the minibeasts like to live and learnt a new word: habitat. Now we are experts at finding bugs under logs and in long grass. Mrs Etheridge was worried that there might be minibeasts living in her wellies as they have been in the shed over the winter!



Next we read 'Superworm' and thought about what it would be like to look after our friends. We talked about how strong Superworm was and what super powers we would like to have.



Now we are learning about honeybees. We all helped to make a class honeycomb by printing hexagons and we discovered how to make all the hexagons fit together. We found out that bee colonies have a Queen bee who doesn’t do much work at all. She just lays eggs!


 We are all very excited about finishing our minibeasts topic off at Blashford Lakes in June, where we will be finding minibeasts in ponds and meadows.