RCC go on a Bear Hunt !

RCC go on a Bear Hunt!


This week, Reception have started their new topic: Bears!


There was great excitement on our first day back, as our role-play in RCC had been transformed into a Polar Bears’ cave!   We discovered that Polar Bears live on snow and ice and eat meat because there aren’t any plants or trees to eat. Excitement reached fever pitch when, the following day, the children discovered that the sand tray was full of ice blocks! The children had to be super thinkers and try to work out why the ice was melting during the day. We have some great scientists amongst us!



Next, we began learning  “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!” The children have been amazing at re-telling the story with all the actions.



We have made some amazing Bear Hunt collages and use these to help us remember the story.


During Circle Time, we talked about how the bear might have felt when he was left alone. The children were very kind about the bear and decided that he probably just wanted to make friends. We then talked about how we could be kind friends to each other and what we should do if we were feeling lonely.


We are looking forward to learning more about different bears this half term and spotting them in stories!