RCC visit Blashford Lakes

RCC went to Blashford Lakes


Last week, RCC were lucky enough to visit Blashford Lakes near Ringwood. It was our very first ever school trip so we were all very excited when we arrived at school!


The first excitement came with the coach journey, as lots of us had never been on a coach before. We all had to find a seat by our friends and buckle up safely.


When we arrived, we had a quick snack, then it was off to our first activity with our lovely Blashford Ranger called Jim. He took us to the river, where he explained that lots of minibeasts like living under rocks in the river.





We couldn’t believe it when he told us we had to go into the river, shuffle our feet and then catch lots of minibeasts in the nets. We found all sorts, including baby fish! Mrs Etheridge also discovered that she had a hole in her wellies and ended up with very wet socks!




Then we went off to the meadow, where we saw an albino deer. We had lots of fun sweeping our nets into the long grass. Jim was very impressed that we found 20 different types of minibeasts, including grasshopper and baby wasp!


After our picnic lunch, we went to the pond. We had to dip our nets into the murky water and see what we could find. We were all super excited to see newts and other pond minibeasts.




Finally, it was time to head back to school. Some children fell asleep on the coach, as it was such a busy day. It was amazing to see so many different types of minibeasts in their different habitats.


All the children were fantastic all day and Mrs Cook was very, very proud of her class.