Reading Rewards



This week, was the first week of our new Reading Rewards system for the whole school and Sophia in 6JH was the lucky winner of a brand new book to take home and keep for herself.


When children read at home, they record this in their home-school books and parents/carers sign this (and write comments) to show the child’s teacher that the child is reading at home. When children have read 5 times during a week (reading every night is part of our school English homework), the class teacher will write their name on a special Star Reader Ticket. This is put into a special Prize Draw Box on assembly on a Monday and Mrs Matthews picks out one lucky winner each week who gets to choose a brand new book to take home and keep.



In addition to this, children have the chance to earn a Star Reader Bookmark when they have read the first benchmark of reading for their coloured book band.


After this, when they have completed the second benchmark for their coloured book band, the children earn a Reading Merit Card. Children with a Merit Card will have the opportunity to visit the Library Reading Bus when it comes to school in the Summer Term to choose one book that they would like us to have in our school Library. There will also be a special reading themed reward day at the end of the school year for any children who have earned the Reading Merit Card.



We were pleased to see so many Star Readers this week and we are sure that there will be just as many next week.