Road Safety Week (November 2015)


This week is Road Safety Week and across the school we have been learning about ways to cross the road safely and how to be seen in the dark.


In Goslings we watched a short video that explained how to cross the road safely, following the “Green Cross Code”.

Then we looked at our car play mat and identified safe places to cross the road, for example where there was no traffic or where there was a zebra crossing.


We then looked at a high visibility jacket and found the parts on it that reflect the light so that we can be seen when it is dark.  Tyler acted as if he were a lollipop man and said “stop” as it was not safe to cross the road.

We practised crossing the road using the “Green Cross Code”:  We looked for traffic and we listened for any cars.  When it was safe to cross, we held an adult’s hand and crossed the road.