This morning ... Disappearing drinks



Setting Up


Take the bottle of Coca Cola and open it carefully making sure that it doesn’t fizz up too much ...








Predictions / What do you think will happen?

  • Talk to your partner
  • What might happen if we add milk to the coke?
  • Record your ideas as a class on the board



Let’s try



Carefully add a small amount of milk into the top of the bottle. Just enough so that the bottle is full (a little fizz might go over the top of the bottle but don’t worry


  • Gently turn the bottle three times to mix the coke and the milk together
  • Leave for 5 minutes then turn again
  • Leave for another 10 minutes then turn again
  • Leave for another 15 minutes then turn again
  • Turn every 15 minutes until you have reached an hour after you started


What could we try next?


Now that you have explored this investigation what could you do next?




Record your thoughts on the blog




PREDICTIONS - What we thought would happen

OBSERVATIONS - What we saw happening

NEXT STEPS - What we could investigate next















  • It will go bubbly
  • It will change colour like the milk - white
  • It will just go white
  • It will stay brown
  • It will all come out
  • Its going to fizz away
  • It will go brown
  • It might splat in my eye
  • It might go all greeny







  • Its going white
  • Looks like coffee
  • Looks like hot chocolate
  • Looks like hot chocolate at the bottom
  • Its like gold at the top
  • Its brown and white
  • Its like oil
  • It will turn yellow again
  • It just stayed brown
  • It looks like chocolate
  • It turned into white
  • Its gone white
  • It looks like milkshake
  • The bottom is white
  • Its like sand at the bottom












  • The milk will turn into a fizzy drink.
  • The bottle will explode.
  • The milk will turn black.
  • The milk might turn into coke.


  • The drink is green and yellow.
  • The yellow drink is pushing the black drink.
  • The coke and the milk are apart from each other.


  • The drink will turn yellow.
  • The coke will disappear.
  • We won’t have Coke anymore.




















Black Coke


  • Not very fizzy
  • Milk will go on top the coke like a pattern
  • Turn white
  • We will have Coke a Cola



  • Turn into a chocolate milk shake
  • Milk might turn black
  • Milk will fizz into coke
  • Turn a different colour – milk will turn black
  • Turn into Coke-milk


  •  It looks like yellow water and chocolate milk at the bottom it made a pattern
  • I think it looks like oil at the top and sand at the bottom.
  • The top is fruit juice, bottom is chocolate milkshake
  • Looks like apple juice at the top
  • At the top it looks like lime juice
  • Looks like a pancake


















  • 'I think it will turn grey.'
  • 'I think the milk may turn fizzy.'
  • 'I think it may turn grey and then have a sugary part and a non sugary part.'
  • 'It will be like Coca Cola milk shake.'







  • 'The coke has gone to the bottom'
  • 'It has changed what it looks like and it is very strange.'
  • 'It has seperated, there is yellow at the top and brown at the bottom.'








  • 'Open it to see if it is fizzy.'
  • 'Add something else to it.'
  • 'Use different liquids.'





















  • It might make fizzy milk.
  •  It might explode like a volcano.
  •  It might fizz up and go all down the sides of the cup.
  •  It might go a lighter brown colour.



  • The liquid looks like water and sand.
  •  It got all lumpy and has turned into clear stuff now.
  •  It looked like the coke dissolved and left some water















  • The milk will go brown and fizzy
  • The milk will dry up
  • The milk will turn into fizzy coke milk
  • The milk will go bubbly
  • The milk will froth up because coke is fizzy





  • The mixture is turning into chocolate
  • The mixture is separating into two drinks
  • The mixture is becoming smaller






  • Add more milk to the mixture
  • Stop the investigation earlier to get more mixture
  • Se what would happen with warm milk: would it mix together more quickly?














  • It might turn a different colour
  •  Turn a brown colour.
  • Turn grey
  • Less bubbles
  • Might go fizzy (lots of bubbles)
  • Might taste different
  • The milk might crystallise
  • The coke is turning grey.
  • The coke is changing colour
  • The milk is mixing with the sugars in the coke.
  • The sugars in the coke are separating and forming lumps at the bottom of the bottle.
  • The water in the coke is separating from the other ingredients.
  • Try it with Fanta.
  • Try it with more milk.
  • Try it with diet coke.
  • Try it with Dr Pepper.



















  • It won’t be fizzy anymore.
  • It will change colour.
  • The coke will fizz up and explode.
  • The milk will go black and it will fizz.
  • The drink will become grey.




  • The milk and coke got crumbly when mixed together.
  • It’s made loads of bubbles but it’s not fizzy anymore.
  • It’s turned solid and has little cubes in it.
  • It looks dirty.
  • It looks like a volcano that has erupted with all the smoke.
  • The coke became lighter
  • We could change a different coloured fizzy water.
  • We could change the milk to chocolate.
  • We could change how we pour the milk into the coke bottle and instead pour the coke into the milk.































  • We thought it would curdle and change colour.

























  • When the milk was first added, it curdled, but didn't completely mix at the bottom.
  •  We noticed that the only bubbles were at the top of the bottle and it had stopped fizzing.
  • There was some coke at the bottom of the bottle that hadn't mixed.
  • Once we shook the bottle and left it for 5 minutes, we noticed that the mixture began to separate.
  • After 1 hour, it had separated more and there was a layer of clear liquid at the top and brown liquid at the bottom of the bottle.
  • After 2 hours,  most of the liquid is now clear and 1/5 of the bottle has the brown liquid. We saw that the bottle was still solid, because the gas in the bottle couldn't escape. 


  • We thought we could see how other liquids react to being added to Coca-Cola






































  • The milk will stay at the top
  • The Coca Cola will get lighter in colour
  • The Coca Cola wil fizz up









  • The Coca Cola went cloudy and gradually the clouds cleared leaving a small amount of clear liquid at the top of the bottle
  • Mr Wallace accidentally opened the bottle for a second and some of the dark colour from the bottom went up to the top





  • We could try with different types of fizzy drinks
  • We could try with different types of milk like semi skimmed, skimmed or full fat
  • Would it work if it was cream that we put into the bottle?
  • What about if we added a small amount of coke to a bottle of milk?












  • It will turn white
  • It will bubble up and explode
  • The milk will dissolve in the coke and change consistancy






  • It looks like chocolate milkshake!
  • The coke has turned grainy like sand
  • The liquids have seperated
  • It is light brown on top and thicker at the bottom




  • Pour milk into lemonade
  • Try mixing two different drinks
  • Put it in the fridge 


























  • The alkaline in the milk might evaporate the acid in the milk.
  • It will mix up and all the chemicals in the milk will sink to the bottom and at the top it will be clear 'mudded' water.
  • Coke will turn grey because black and white makes grey.
  • Coke and the milk will mix and make an eruption and it will explode.
  • It will start to curdle and once you cant see the milk any more it will start to bubble up and fizz because of the gas in Coke (CO2)
  • The milk did curdle and all the bits were floating around.
  • The milk bits were sinking to the bottom because they were heavier than the liquid.
  • The liquid was separating into Coke at the bottom and clearer liquid at the top.















  • We could change the drink to Red Bull and see if it makes the same reaction because it is a different colour and because it is an energy drink and has different chemicals in it.
  • We could try Fanta to see if it was the same.
  • We could try Coke and tea to see if the heat makes any difference.
  • We could try it with different types of milk like whole milk, semi-skimmed milk and skimmed milk.
















  • The Coke will become very fizzy and make cracking and popping noises.
  •  The mixture will make a enormous foam bubble.
  •  The mixture will swell up, fizz and turn a greyish colour.
  •  It might turn a nice creamy brown chocolate colour and crackle a bit.




  • The bubbles effect the colour it changes to. Without the bubbles it would probably be grey.
  •  The mixture is lighter at the top because it has not fully mixed.
  •  All the sugar has gone to the bottom.






  • Try a different kind of milk such as goats milk, soya milk, full fat milk.
  •  Use a different type of fizzy drink such as lemonade.
  •  Try adding a different milk to  a different fizzy drink such as Mountain Dew.