This morning


Drip drip drip?


Setting Up



  • Pour a small amount of oil into a bowl.
  • Mix some different food colours together with the oil.
  • Pour water into the glass so that it is about 2/3 full.                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Predictions / What do you think will happen?


  • Talk to your partner.
  • What might happen if we put the oil and food colouring mixture into the water?
  • Record your ideas as a class on the board.


Let’s try


  • Carefully pour the oil and food colouring mixture into the water.
  • Sit back and watch.


What could we try next?


Now that you have explored this investigation what could you do next?


Record your thoughts on the blog



PREDICTIONS - What we thought would happen

OBSERVATIONS - What we saw happening

NEXT STEPS - What we could investigate next

















  • The water will have bubbles.
  • The water might turn green or brown.
  • It will turn grey.
  • It might go mouldy.
  • The food colouring might suck the entire colour from the oil.
  • The food colouring might suck all the water up.



  • The water is turning black.
  • It looks like ice.
  • I can see big and small golden bubbles.






















  • It’s going to turn black, the water will trun black.
  • It’s going to be yellowy.
  • It’s going to fill to the top.
  • I think it’s going to turn purple.
  • I think it’s going to turn colourful.
  • It’s going to mix together and turn red.
  • It’s going to be water at the bottom and black at the top.
  • It turned grey then went black.
  • It turned into black and red.
  • When we put the water in there were bubbles and then the water turned black.
  • Some of the gas was trying to pull up and make circle shapes.
  • When you poured the mixture in, bubbles came up and it was a gas.



















  • It will turn a different colour.
  • It might start to grizzle and then explode on Miss Hyde.
  • It won't look nice.
  • It might turn orange.
  • The water will turn fizzy because of the oil and the food colouring will change the colour.
  • It will be like mixing paint.




  • It looked like lava
  • First it turned fire colour then orange at the top and red at the bottom, then it turned black.
  • Looks like coke with strawberry topping.










  • We could try different liquids and different colours.
  • We could add different things



















  • The water will change colour
  • The food colouring will go to the bottom (like the Coke and milk)
  • There will be bubbles on the top


  • The cup looks like a volcano
  • It looks dark red like strawberries and lemons
  • The colour is bleeding
  • The top of the liquid is very light and it is dark at the bottom


  • Use a different colour of food mixture
  • Use Coke not water to watch it fizz
  • Use hot water to see if it mixed quickly









  • The water will turn red.
  • Turn the water black.
  • Water will turn dark




  • The water turned black.
  • The oil floated on top of the water




  • Mix the oil and food dyes more.
  • Use only one or two food dyes
























  • I think the food colouring will sit at the top because it doesn’t mix with oil and water.
  • I think the oil will have a reaction with the water and explode.
  • I think that the food colouring will mix with the water but the oil will sit on top because oil and water don’t mix together.



  • It was a bit like the dancing raisins and it looked like jelly.
  • I could see a little bit of the oil starting to drop down and bubbles coming back up.
  • The bubbles looked like a lava lamp. 
  • After a while all the food colouring settled at the bottom and the oil sat on top in a bubbly circle shape.



  • A different food colouring colour.
  • A different amount of oil.
  • Try using milk instead.
  • Apple juice because that might also help to change the colour.
  • Use coke instead.
  • Try using sparkling water to see if it makes it go faster. 



















  • All of the water will become oily because the mixture will completely take over.
  • The water will change from transparent to a light colour.
  • The mixture will dissolve abnd become more watery.
  • The food dye will sink to the bottom. The oil will also sink but will stopo on top of the food dye. The water will stay at the top.
  • The dye is lighter so it floats to the top, but then gravity pulls it down.
  • The dye and the oil get lighter and heavier as they mix and that is why they drip down and float back up.
  • The water cannot always support the weight of the mixture so it rains down.





  • Use lemonade instead of water.
  • Use different types of oil such as vegetable oil, oilice oil or sunflower oil.
  • Mix in a little bit of grease.
  • use different colour dyes.
  • use washing up liquid instead of dye.