Sun Awareness Day

Sun Awareness Day

 In Goslings we thought about all the things we need to keep safe in the sun – a hat, sunglasses, suncream, a t-shirt and water to drink.




We pretended to put on our suncream by acting out the following poem:


Big blob, that’s the job,

Cream in the palm, now do your arms,

Hands and nose, legs, feet and toes,

Always check, your ears and neck,

Legs and knees, give the tube one more squeeze,

Last place, shoulders and face,

Now we’re done, don’t look at the sun,

Wear a hat, and that’s that!


Then we put on our hats and went outside for a picnic.  We chose to sit under a shady tree.



Later we played (and when the sun did finally come out!) we looked at the shadows we made.  Aye aye captain!