Viking Delights!

Viking Delights


In Year 5, we have been learning about the Vikings. We have enjoyed reading the story of How to train your dragon and using this to inspire our non-chronological reports about new species of dragons. In addition to this, we have been learning all about Viking daily life, including the food and drink that they would have had. Making our lessons fun and engaging this week, our teachers  gave us some of the common viking foods to taste.  When we first had them in front of us, we were really unsure about them, they really didn't look appetising at all. The porridge looked grey and lumpy, the honey looked very sticky and gloopy and the buttermilk looked like thick yoghurt. We tasted and we tried, and ........ we concluded that the Vikings were really unfortunate that they didn't have a McDonalds or KFC nearby!!! While some of us quite liked the taste of the Viking food, generally we weren't fans of it. We concluded that if the foods we tried today were all you knew there was to eat, you would have enjoyed it but, knowing what we know about food now, there is a lot more taste and variety in the 21st century!!!!