Y6 are having Fun Fun Fun!

Fun, fun, fun . . . .



Miracles can happen!!  Despite the endless excitement and energy displayed by the children all day yesterday, lights went out at 10pm and by 10:30pm everyone was asleep (or at least talking so quietly that we couldn’t hear them!).  Wake up at 7am was not a problem for most of the children and they were eager and ready to go for breakfast by 8 o’clock.  What a delicious breakfast . . . . bacon, sausage, hash browns, grilled tomatoes, toast, cereal, porridge, yoghurt, fresh fruit – the choice was endless and we all ate really well ready for our first full day on site.  Surprisingly, the sun had come out for us and we were thankful that it was not going to be another rainy day. 




This morning we have been taking part in: Giant Swing, Quad Biking, Sensory Trail, Jacob’s Ladder and Survivor.  We have built, walked blindfolded, climbed and screamed (that was just Mrs Hudson on the Giant Swing – although the children did say it sounded more like a police siren!). The children have, once again, amazed us with their perseverance, determination, will power, bravery and cooperation and we are so proud of them.  Mr Ansell has set the challenge of climbing to the top of Jacob’s Ladder in 12 seconds although we do feel he has an unfair advantage with the length of his legs!











We are all looking forward to our lunch after our strenuous morning and are already making choices in our minds as to what we will choose. So far, the children are giving the food choices an impressive thumbs up.


We have 2 more activities to complete this afternoon and then all the fun and excitement of . . . . the DISCO!!!.  Time is going so quickly and the children are definitely wishing we were here for longer.