Y6 Perfect Programmers



On Wednesday morning, Y6 had a visit from the INTECH teaching team.  As we entered the room we could see laptops set up and we quickly spotted some intriguing looking yellow 'control' boxes.  We couldn't wait to get started but we waited patiently and listened carefully to Suzie's instructions.  Suzy told us that by the end of the session we would be writing a programme to control a lightbulb and a buzzer using a sensor pad.  





We worked eagerly in our pairs, following the instructions step by step and very quickly found that we were able to programme a light to come on and off repeatedly.  






It was a bit trickier to set the programme for the buzzer but we persevered and before we knew it, we were activating the sensor pad to set off an alarm that could be used for museum security.  It was a great session and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.