Y6 Science Week - Health & Lifestyle

The wonder of nature

 In Year 6, this week, we are having a ‘Science’ Week in which we are studying Health and Lifestyle.  We are going to compare our health and lifestyle with that of the soldiers in WW1 and identify ways in which the war affected the soldiers’ health.




Starting this topic off, was a session on the seven life processes: Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Nutrition, Excretion, Reproduction and Growth.  Interestingly, we learnt an acronym for this, which is ‘MRS NERG’.  We showed our understanding by writing a story about a living thing to demonstrate the seven processes that it goes through during its life. Some of us had an even harder challenge – we had to try to order the seven processes from most important to least important and we found this incredibly difficult.  Ava said, “Can I have a joint 1st place for al seven of them as they all rely on each other to work!”.  You could certainly feel the brain cells working hard with all this deep thinking in the classroom.


Once we had learnt about the seven processes, we then carried out an investigation to demonstrate respiration (the process by which cells break down sugar and turn it into energy). We tested the reaction of yeast and sugar at different temperatures to see how quickly, and effectively, the respiration took place. Have a look at the photos to see our results. We discovered that yeast breaks down sugar and turns into ‘gas’ energy most effectively when mixed with warm water.