Year 2 Dance (November 2015)

On Friday 20th November three lucky Year Two children went to a Gifted and Talented Dance event at Christchurch Junior School.  Here is an account written by one of the children.


First we had to get a taxi to Christchurch Junior School.  When we got there we had to take our  jumpers, coats, shoes and socks off.  Then we danced!  First we had to do a warm up, Mrs Whitehead joined in, it was funny.  Next we learned some new dance moves.  We were given a scarf and had to pretend to be a jellyfish.  It was quite hard.  After that we had to make up a dance using the new moves we had been practicing.  Finally we had to perform our dance to the children from the other schools.  When we got back to school we were given a certificate and a sticker.  I had a lot of fun.



Mrs Whitehead was very proud of the children and she commented on how well behaved they were.