Year 3 fly to China

East to West


On Wednesday 6th January Year 3 had a WOW day to start the topic of East to West.


The children all brought in baggage to be able to check in to Somerford Airport.  They had great fun checking in with their passport and ticket at Mrs Perks’ table.



Then Mr Menzies was on security to check everyone was safe to travel.



After that Mr Ansell was at the Customs table where he asked everyone if they had packed their own bag and checked all baggage was safe to go through to the departure lounge.



Finally everyone was seated on the plane where the Captain (Mr Hawkes) explained where we were all heading off to.



The flight was fun, and children even had the chance to have a quick nap or read a book!


Finally we all landed in China.


Year 3 then split up back into classes and in Mr Ansell’s classroom the children learned about where China is in the world.  In Mr Hawkes’ classroom there was oil pastel drawing on plates to show The Willow Pattern story in picture form.


In Mrs Perks’ classroom the children all had the opportunity to try to use chopsticks to eat noodles, rice, lychee fruit and prawn crackers.



Some children even tried to pick up pom poms with chopsticks!