Year 4 have been looking at sentences ...


Grammar … looking at sentences


We have been working hard at improving the quality of our sentences in Year 4.  Before Christmas, we looked at including fronted adverbials at the start of sentences.  Here are some examples:


Very cautiously, the man stepped back from the vicious snakes.  (Miguel)

As the sun set over the horizon, the evil witch of the west melted into a liquid.  (Bradley)


Last week we took the amazing nouns sitting within our sentences and tried to expand them by adding extra information.  Here are some examples:


The deep turquoise sea with crashing waves flowed calmly around the pier.  (Ella S)

Unsteadily, the horrifying mummy with a bandage wrapped body walked around the pyramid.  (Vincent)


This week we have been using prepositions and prepositional phrases to add extra information.  Here are some examples:


On the corner of the board there was a message.  (Allyah)

Behind one of my friends lurked danger and worst of all it was dark.  (William)


Now all we need to do is remember to include these in our writing all the time!