Year 5 Sports Leaders

Sports Leaders

Seven children from 5SS along with seven children from 5JW have shown great leadership skills and have been chosen to become sports leaders for the school.  They will be we helping the teachers for the remainder of this school year to get PE equipment out for teachers for their lessons.  They will also be organising sports games at lunch times to make these times more enjoyable for the children. 


“I like being a sport’s leader because I help people and KS1” Holly.


“I like doing lots of sports and helping” Ella.


“I like being a sports leader because you can go down to the reception children and help to organise games for them.  My brother is in year 2 and I enjoy playing with the younger children.  Finn


“I’m proud that I’ve been chosen” Jamie


“ I like being a sport’s leader because I like doing sports and playing lots of ball games.” Riley.