Year 5 visit to The Redhouse Museum

Year 5 visit to The Redhouse Museum – Anglo Saxon heritage


Before half term Year 5 were lucky enough to visit the Red House Museum in Christchurch. After a long, tiring walk (according to some children) we entered excited and ready to learn. First, we sat and ate lunch together discussing what we may be about to see or experience. We were then welcomed by the experienced leader who led us through our learning for the time we were there.


For our first activity we were split into groups of 6 or 7 and were given a map of Hengitsbury head. The children had to decide where on the map, if they were Anglo Saxons, they would settle based on the knowledge they had gained from their topic lessons at school. When they had done this each group presented their choice and why they chose that area. During this session the children were amazed to learn that Anglo Saxons once settled as a community so close to their own and that during Saxon times the harbour was one of the most important in England. They were further enthralled to learn that Somerford used to be marsh land that the Anglo Saxons used as a defence from land invaders and that the two rivers in Christchurch protected Anglo Saxons from sea invasion. They also learnt that their settlement was originally called Twynam or Twyneham, from "tweon eam", which meant (the settlement) between two rivers.


Our next step in learning was to understand how we gained the knowledge that we have about Anglo Saxons. After a teacher led discussion, the children were able to look at the rare artefacts that had been excavated by archaeologists over the years. Two lucky children were able to dress up as Anglo Saxons and demonstrate to the other children what they looked like and how they would have been buried. The children were surprised to learn that Anglo Saxons were buried with their possessions so that they could use them to buy their way into their afterlife.


For our last learning task the children were given a piece of clay and were able to use the Anglo Saxon alphabet, Runes, to write something nice about a friend of theirs. The children enjoyed this activity and because they had previously learnt about Runes in class were able to produce some lovely clay tiles.


Miss Carpenter and Mrs Hudson were extremely proud of the children for the interest they showed during this visit, the way they walked there and back and their ability to follow the Golden rules whilst outside of the school environment. The children certainly engaged with the school learning culture of Enjoy, Aspire and Achieve during this trip.


Well done Year 5!