Year 6 - A real credit to the School! (October 2015)

Year 6 had the most amazing start to their year with a visit from the MP for Christchurch and a trip to the Houses of Parliament in London.


Chris Chope spoke to us about his role as MP and then answered questions from the children. Year 6 were excellent and asked some mature and testing questions, such as, 'Why did you choose to represent the Conservatives?' and 'How do you feel about fracking in Dorset?'  We were all extremely impressed with the way the children listened and contributed.



We rounded off our week with our first trip of the year to the Houses of Parliament in London.  The children were excited to actually go inside the building they had heard so much about, and really enjoyed the tour inside. We were shown around both the House of Commons and the House of Lords and saw the special entrance the Queen uses when she visits Parliament. The children also worked hard to impress the Education Team and completed a workshop all about the development of the Monarchy.



The trip finished with a walk through St James' Park to see Buckingham Palace. The children were very sensible while walking through London and proved themselves a real credit to the school!



After a superb day we set off from London in high spirits. Then the bus broke down ... Disaster!  However, Year 6 showed what a great year group they are once again and dealt with the situation incredibly well. A big thank you to both children and parents for being so supportive!


A great start to the year!