Year Two help the Three Little Pigs

Year Two help the Three Little Pigs.



 At the beginning of this half term Year Two were delighted to have received a letter from the Three Little Pigs asking for their help. 


The Pigs explained that they were fed up with being bullied by the wolf.  They asked for help to come up with a new plan to scare the wolf away.  The children in 2MS thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and came up with some amazing ideas.  Some suggested that the pigs dressed up as scary monsters to scare him away, others decided a trap would be a good idea.


The children have also been thinking about whether or not the pigs should just move away from the wolf.  They have been town planners to create their own ‘Pig town’, using their map-making skills.  They have also considered Somerford as a good place to relocate and have created their very own model Somerford to show the pigs.


The children have really enjoyed helping the pigs this half term and the work they have produced has been fantastic.