After School Clubs


After School Clubs Spring A 2019




Dear Parent/Carer


We are delighted to announce that after the Christmas holiday we will be running a wide selection of after school clubs. Please see the table below containing all club information, please keep it somewhere safe at home so you have all the details to any clubs your child would like to attend.


It is important that children who attend after school clubs behave well in school and work hard. Their place in the club therefore relies on them continuing to keep our Golden Rules.


Places in the club will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. As last year, Mr Walsh and Mrs Doherty will be accepting your slips outside the school office on Wednesday 9th January from 8.30am. These signing up sessions are often very popular so we apologise in advance for any wait you may have to sign up. If you cannot bring your slip in in person, your child or a friend can hand it in for you. Please note that most clubs have a maximum number of 20 places. Once the places have been taken we can place your child on a waiting list and you will be informed if a place becomes available.


Yours sincerely



Mr Wallace

Deputy Headteacher


Club Year groups Date / time

Book Bees                      YR, Y1, Y2                   3.10-4.10pm Monday

Art and Craft                   YR, Y1, Y2                   3.10-4.10pm Monday

KS1 Homework               YR, Y1, Y2                   3.10-4.10pm Monday

Bench ball                       Y3, Y4                          3.20-4.20pm Monday

Lego builders                  Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6             3.20-4.20pm Monday

Minecraft                         Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6 (See separate Minecraft letter)