Data Results

KS2 Data Results 2018


There is a lot of information to consider when deciding which school your child might attend.  One of the areas parents might use is the performance of pupils at the end of KS2.  At Somerford we are committed to striving for the best progress and achievement for all pupils and our School Development Plan clearly tackles any areas that need developing.  Our main areas for development this year are:


  • improving achievement in reading
  • high quality teaching for all children
  • introduction of growth mindset
  • appointment of Deputy Head and Phase Leaders to leadership team

 We are also required to publish the following data:

 Pupils achieving expected standard or above in :

      Reading : 41%

      Writing : 71%

      Maths : 52%

Progress Scores :

      Reading :  -2.7

      Writing :   0.7

      Maths :  -2.9

Pupils achieving an average 'scaled score' in :

      Reading :  99

      Maths :     99

Pupils achieving a high level of attainment in :

      Reading :  10%

      Writing :   12%

      Maths :   14%

 Click here to find the DfE performance tables for Somerford.