At Somerford Primary School we provide a rich, broad and exciting Mathematics curriculum.  We aim to produce confident learners, who are able to see and make connections between the different areas of Mathematics. We want our children to be efficient problem solvers, as well as being able to reason mathematically and successfully carry out investigations.


We recognise the importance of building on basic skills as well as making the learning relevant to the children’s lives and importantly fun and engaging. Mathematical learning at Somerford will also allow children to deepen their understanding and master key concepts. 


At Somerford, we now subscribe to an online maths programme 'RM Easimaths', which allows pupils to complete interactive activities that are targeted to a child's academic ability. These activities are completed using the 'little and often' approach to learning and should be completed three to five times a week. A pupil's work is then tracked by the class teacher to assess their progress and adapted where necessary.
In addition to developing their general mathematical knowledge, pupils are encouraged to develop their times tables knowledge by focusing on specific multiplication tables depending on their age group and ability. In school, the pupils complete a range of interactive games and tasks to improve their recall of facts; they are also encouraged to regularly practise their tables facts using their home/school planner and other online activities


We are following the White Rose Maths scheme produced through The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics.  A more detailed map of the curriculum areas covered for each year group can be seen in the documents below.