THIS WEEK IN SCHOOL : .......... FRIDAY - School finishes at the normal time today! .......... HAVE YOU DONATED TO OUR 'ROCKET FUND' YET? WE ARE RAISING FUNDS FOR IT EQUIPMENT. OUR TOTAL DONATED SO FAR IS ...... £522.00! WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE FOLLOWING SPONSORS FOR THEIR SUPPORT - D. Assinder, L. Bowen, E. Bingham, S. Briant, A. Cahill, K. Campbell, D. Carpenter, C. Cook, S. Chase, D. Davis, N. Doherty, I. Dolipschi, J. Dougan, S. Eastwood, H. Frampton, H. Franklin, T. Gray, J. Hill, J. Hudson, K. Miles, S. Langford, A. Mulcahy, A. Prendergast, A. Price, B. Ramos, K. Rosam, M. Semple, A. Southam, P. Stevens, S. Tan, J. Vale, J. Wallace, C. Walsh, E. Whitehead, E. Wigman, J. Young, thankyou to the anonymous supporters whose donations now amount to £89 .......... FOR DETAILS OF AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS PLEASE CLICK ON "DIARY DATES" BELOW AND TAKE A LOOK AT OUR PARENT CALENDAR

Welcome to Somerford Primary School

Somerford Primary School is an exciting and fun place to learn and we hope that if you are able, you will come and visit us to see for yourself all the great things that our children get up to.

We are very proud of everything we do in our school and welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have.

Safeguarding the children at our school is our number one priority. If you have any concerns please click the green safeguarding button below.